Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Christensen Concrete is Open for Business.  We have implemented social distancing protocols to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Starting today, we are asking all customers to call ahead to place their pickup orders, giving us advanced notice so we can have the material ready for you.  Please pull into the loading area to the West of our office.  A staff member will meet you at your vehicle when you arrive.

Our showroom and main door on the south side are temporarily closed. If you need samples or brochures, please call ahead and we will make sure we have what you need when you arrive.  If you’d like to talk to a staff member, their phone numbers and email addresses are below.

If you do stop in, please follow the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing.

  • No handshaking
  • Maintain a six-foot buffer
  • Avoid areas designated areas for employee access only, including the warehouses and breakroom.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we attempt to do our part to minimize the spread of Coronavirus. As conditions and concern seem to change rapidly, we will continue to communicate any adjustments to our business operations that may affect you. As long as we feel that we can minimize the spread and contribute to the containment of this disease, then we will remain open for business. Thank you.

Scot Krosschell, 308-398-0872  Sales
Natasha Ritter, 308-398-0870 Sales Dispatch
Scott Frauen 308-698-1160 Sales Manager
Terri Holtzen 308-698-1153 General Manager

We appreciate your business and will do all we can to make this as easy and safe for you as possible.  Hopefully this will only last a short while!

Terri Holtzen │General Manager