Farber Bag Burlap Drop Road Cover, 10-oz., 10’x28′

Product Attributes

  • Item Number: 575213
  • Product: Farber Bag Burlap Drop Road Cover, 10-oz., 10’x28′
  • Stock UOM: EA
  • Manufacturer: Farber Bag & Supply Co
  • Dimensions: 10’x28′
  • Weight (lb.): 15
  • Stock Status: Special Order


Designed for road protection during construction, these quality curing covers are available insulated, laminated and with taped edges, grommets where specified. Custom sizes available. Meets DOT standards and AHSTO requirements. Choose from stock or custom sizes.

Uses & Features

Burlap has many applications including, but not limited to:

· Bags made of burlap for agricultural and industrial products

· Balling roots and earth when transporting trees and shrubs

· Windbreaks and tree wrap to protect small plant life

· Ground cover to prevent erosion or promote seed germination

· Road covers to protect cement during the curing process