Heat Stop Refractory Mortar, 50-lb.

Product Attributes

  • Item Number: 55027
  • Product: Heat Stop Refractory Mortar, 50-lb.
  • Stock UOM: EA
  • Manufacturer: CMS Industries
  • Weight (lb.): 50


Formulation is similar to each other and developed for installation of firebrick and clay flue lining in masonry fireplace and chimney installations. They are the product of choice for masonry bread ovens, fireplace and chimney installations (interior or exterior) or where moisture may be present in masonry chimney installation.

Uses & Features

  • HEAT STOP-50 (50 lb. bag) yields approximately 60 lbs. of refractory mortar. This is the most economical per pound.
  • Meets and exceeds ASTM C-199, ASTM C-1283, ASTM E-136.
  • Meets and exceeds all local and national building codes including NFPA-211 and International Residential Codes, (1RC) and International Building Code (1BC) and etc.
  • Color with masonry mortar color if desired. Follow color manufacturer’s instructions as if using a regular masonry mortar.
  • Good for applications well over 2,000°F.